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Edubridge About us

If you are looking for the best partner to get assistance in education loan, then we are here for you. Edubridge aims to become a trusted and reliable education partner for students by providing education loan to them. According to the latest information, the majority of platforms now offer online loans to students, along with some of the biggest and most prestigious universities in the country. We can efficiently complete the online education loan process students. These highlights show the online education’s developing importance and influence in the field of higher education. We don’t only committed to provide education loan to students, but also ensure their development and career growth.

Despite its adoption, online loans are in demand among students. Reliable portal is vital for the lecturers responsible for designing and handing over ever more effective online loan applications and for the students who will wants to access it.

Our Journey

Edubridge embarked on its journey with a clear goal: to facilitate students in acquiring international study abroad, correctly, and at the possible terms. Over the years, we've served over 100 students, disbursing upwards of 80 crores in education loans. Our dedication to excellence is meditated in our streamlined methods, with a median software processing time of just 2 to 3 working days.

We understand the importance of well-timed financial assistance for students, and that is why we cross the mile. If an application exceeds the time frame, we offer an automatic cashback of 10% to the student upon loan disbursement, demonstrating our dedication to making sure of a continuing experience.


Our Achievements

Over the years, Edubridge has achieved large milestones:

  • Serving 100+ Students: We take pleasure in having assisted over 100 students in knowing their educational aspirations, allowing them to pursue their preferred courses without financial limits.
  • Disbursing 80+ Crores of education loan: With a total loan disbursement exceeding 80 crores, we’ve facilitated access to education for numerous people, making sure that financial boundaries do not limit their educational interests.
  • Efficient Processing: Our streamlined loan application process ensures that students get timely help, with maximum applications processed in just 2 to 3 working days, making an allowance for received access to the finances needed for their education.
  • Automatic Cashback: As a testimony to our dedication to activate providers, we provide an automatic cashback of 10% to students whose applications amplify past the 4th day of processing, making sure that efficiency is rewarded.